Meditation of the Present Time

This technique of meditation has been used since humans began to meditate; it positions the meditant outside of all religious teachings and traditions marked by a particular historical time. This technique places us in universal time – in the present time. This meditation is a vehicle that gives us access to consciousness, where the infinitely large and the infinitely small meet, showing us an existence which connects our present moment in a fusion with the All to which it belongs.
Meditation is essential to all pursuits of wholeness, which require us to be able to reposition ourselves in relation to the “All”.


Who are we?

Our school of meditation was founded by the “seekers on the path of Saint James of Compostela » – men and women who have traveled the long roads to the holy site of Saint James in northern Spain. For more than fourteen centuries, this site has drawn an uninterrupted flow of pilgrims from all around the world: thousands searching for an opening to a higher spirituality.


Why meditate?

The aim of meditation is to have access to one’s selfhood in its universality, while conscious of each particle, each living cell in its particularity.

Meditation places our « interior time » completely in harmony with universal time: the Present which gives access to universal reality.

Meditation is an organized process of listening and recognizing in a way that allows us to learn what really belongs – and does not belong – to our own being. In meditation, we stop confusing the usual disorder – inside us and outside us – as order which is within us and in all things.

This method is the essence of all meditation methods. It teaches us both to stabilize our consciousness, and to move our consciousness to different interior dimensions of our being, in order to observe these movements, and to distinguish between consciousness and unconsciousness, the real and imaginary.

This technique should enable each of us to realize the fundamental “LA” of our being, the fundamental balance of our being. To achieve this, we take consciousness of ourselves, and transmute that which makes us vibrate with points in time other that than the present. This meditation allows us to put ourselves back in the flow of the present time, to join in the Whole to which we belong, and to offer our present participation for the fulfillment of our future.

Diligence in meditation

In meditation, you step onto an ascetic path which involves, as do all practices, care and consistency. Meditation will begin to bear fruit when you attain mastery of yourself: as our own instrument. Then you will resound with your own pure and beautiful tone.

This work does not impose you a truth upon you, but reveals your own truth to you, and releases you from your shadows, your programming, and your presumptions. It is up to each of us to encounter the mystery that calls us, and no one but ourselves can intervene in it.

The meditation proposed here is an ancient practice. It should be applied in a rigorous way, because it is essential to have a technique, an order, a system, through which we come to recognize the order within our own structure, and the order within the structure of all things.

Meditation and prayer

Meditation should precede any act of prayer. It is the first step toward internal harmonization, toward stability, and toward purity, which prepare us to enter into universal action. Meditation naturally opens (us) to prayer, which is an act of fusion with the weft, engaging the subtlest levels of our being, to reveal and impress our light into the weft for the benefit of the collective.

We pray – each of us at our own level of consciousness – for universal humanity. Whether we pray that consciousness may be expressed on the physical level, or on the highest level of the self, we can bring together all our facets, and unite all our sparks, so that we form a shining torch of universal consciousness, which is the reality of the One in the All, and of the All in the All.

Meditation levels

There are not many different meditations; but our meditations will differ in expansiveness, depending on what we have been able to realize and mobilize, through the opening we create in ourselves to receive and to act in the moment we meditate.

Meditation, a key to good health

Meditation is a key to health, both physical and moral. Most diseases are the result of inertia, maladjustment, and immobilization. To refresh ourselves (through meditation) is to join in the movement of life and its rhythm, to incarnate life and its vitality.

Meditation is not used to calm one’s enthusiasm. It gives us inspiration and strength to act. Act in consciousness to change and create the conditions for a new world. Meditate together one hour, each week, all over the world, to regain the desire of facing our future.