Why meditate today?

Why meditate in the major cities of the world?

If meditation is a personal path, humanity moves forward on a collective one. Today, more than 50% of the world’s population is urban. In 2025, it will reach 65%. It will not have escaped anyone that the troubled times we are living through are part of a cycle redefining the fundamental values of our way of life. The city is a microcosm of the contemporary macrocosm: there is everything and its opposite, the best and the worst, the past and the future, freedom and complexity, hope and despair. But the big cities carry within themselves powerful and specific energies: transformation, creativity, sharing. As most of them are settled near the water (river, sea…), they cultivate, channel and irrigate the world of big ideas that are gradually reshaping the contours of our own existence: spiritualities, philosophies, arts, sciences, politics…

We are all participating in this urban dynamic. We are its elementary particles: multiple and unique energies at the same time. As we are going through a time of choices, it is essential to find peace and serenity in ourselves. Returning to the essential, grounding ourselves in the Present Time, living differently is not only important for our own existence, but it is also an act of consciousness to nourish the conditions of a new world. To open our eyes on ourselves today is to expand our view of tomorrow’s world. And meditation is precisely a key for weaving the Weft of our future.

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