The unique method

This method sets the meditant in universal time which we call the present time. It will allow you to better realize the fundamental balance, the fundamental « LA » of your Being by transmuting all that makes us vibrate, or resonate, with other points in time. This meditation allows us to put ourselves back in the flow of the present time. This method involves an interior movement, structured in a way that allows us to see what is disorderly within us, and to stop mistaking this as an expression of order which also exists within us. This is an organised process that supports recognition, listening and revitalization – enabling us to grasp what really belongs to our being, and what does not belong – in order to end our confusion, and finally enter reality and discover that it is bigger and more beautiful than we could imagine.

This is what makes Meditatoday truly different from all other current meditations methods.

This meditation is active and conscious because it produces a transformation within us, through the energy of consciousness. It relies upon on the knowledge and consciousness of our anatomy and our energetic system, as well the activity of our breath, which is our source of life in the universe.

Each meditation session is preceded by practical instruction that allows us to take consciousness of ourselves, of our inner lives, of our need to improve, to grow, and raise our level of consciousness.



To be in one’s identity, is to be capable of conceiving and governing one’s own life. To be alive is to be in interaction with all that lives. We receive energies from the cosmos, and from our environment, through our 5 SENSES, allowing us to grasp everything that surrounds us, to take consciousness of our identity, and of our insertion in life.


Energetic structure of the individual

Our Physical body is divided into seven centers. These centers are in the image of a power outlet with two poles: the positive and negative, what is known in the civilizations of the Far East, the Yin and the Yang. We should not attribute a moral judgment to this finding: this is neither good nor bad. We live in a world of duality: day and night, cold and heat, the binary system, etc, it is a fact. It is when humans act on these opposed but neutral elements that connotation of right and wrong appears.

Each center is the hub for an exchange of energy. And so that we are completely in balance between our physical, our mental and our various subtle bodies (we have six), there must be a free flow of these energies at each center, between the different centers, and between the various subtle bodies and, finally, a harmony with all energies that surround us.


The Weft

The Weft is that which connects the infinitely small to the infinitely large; it is what fills what we perceive as « empty ». It is a support for the communication of all that is alive, from the cell to atom.
There are different expressions of the Weft: Intermediary, Individual, Collective, Universal …
Human beings weave wefts unconsciously, where, they very often imprisoning themselves in them.
The billions of men and women constituting the planetary collective are in reality part of a single body.


Consciousness and the movement of consciousness

Consciousness comes from the Latin conscientia which means knowledge. Where is our consciousness located in the human body? Is there a specific area in our brain that holds knowledge? In energetic science, there are two glands in the brain, which fulfill a vital role to act in what we call an «energetic translation».

And now, let’s assume that humans have no consciousness of their own! Humans have intelligence, and memories associated with each of their senses. But consciousness … They cannot « own », because consciousness is a universal energy that needs men and women as support for its revelation. However there is a collective consciousness that combines all the translations of consciousness made by humanity. We can say then that consciousness is a path of personal progress.

We can travel to other spaces, by doing a « movement of consciousness ». Thanks to the mastery of the mental void, we are going to change the perceptions of consciousness. We operate on the vibratory frequency of our planet; we call this the « small waves ». We can learn to go to the «large waves» to access other spaces.


The mental void

Learning to enter into “mental void” is to know how to completely master the mind, become witness to sensations, images, of life that manifests inside and outside, and become a « traveler of spaces » like an astronaut who is not afraid to go into spacial void. It is to know how to control your breathing which must be imperceptible and learning to take consciousness of your subtle bodies and of the other side of the Weft.