The most frequent questions:


How do I find information announcing the program of meditations in my city ?
  • Information concerning the courses of each city is published on the official Facebook page for your town (MeditaNewYork, MeditaParis, etc…). You will find schedules, locations, contacts, and the local news. You can access this page by clicking the Facebook link dedicated to your city on this site, or directly through the Facebook directory.


Can I create a Meditatoday team in my city ?
  • To create a Meditatoday team in your city, you should contact to the association by filling up the form provided on this website (contact page). Each team must be formed under the jurisdiction of one or more teachers. These teachers should be trained by Meditatoday and commit to the ethic Charter of the Association.


What are the origins of Meditatoday?
  • Meditation School was founded by the «seekers on the path of Saint James of Compostela» – men and women who have traveled the long roads to the holy site of Saint James in northern Spain. For more than fourteen centuries, this site has drawn an interrupted flow of pilgrims from all around the world: thousands searching for an opening to higher spirituality. This meditation technique is used since humans began to meditate; it positions the meditant outside of all religious teachings and traditions marked by a particular historical time. This technique places us in universal time – «in the Present Time».


I am a beginner, can I participate to meditations?
  • Of course. Meditatoday allows each person to join « one’s path », whatever one’s experience, one’s desires and one’s culture. Contact the team of your city ! And so you can begin by meditating in a group in which the fundamental notions will be approached.  


Are there courses throughout the year?
  • Sure. Meditatoday is offered throughout the year. Meditations will be offered an hour each week. There will also be two to three times a year to participate in seminars lasting several days, for those who are eager to deepen the practice of Meditation of the Present Time.  


How much does it costs?
  • Meditatoday courses are based on the following rates :

    > course fee : 10 euro

    > monthly fee : 30 euro

    > quarter fee : 80 euro